Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Thank you for choosing one of the leading online learning platform for UK learners. The team at Infinity Learning (“Infinity Learning” “Company” “We” “Us” “Our”) are aware of the fact that you value the privacy of your information that we collect from you and how it is collected, shared and used. We recommend you to read this page thoroughly which describes about the best practices that we use to collect, use and in some situations share it with relevant parties as mentioned here about your personal information.

We have created this policy in compliance with EU General Data Protection Regulation and the privacy policies that govern with UK laws in general.

This privacy policy is applicable when you visit our website through web or mobile browsers and also when purchasing our products online.

  • What Data Do We Get From You?
    • Data collected through online forms
      • We collect all the data that you provide us through the contact us form in the Contact Us page. These information are those that are mentioned in the form fields only. We will also collect the same information when you contact us through phone or email and store securely in our Database file system. In the meanwhile along with the form data we also collect information about your device and what part of the pages that you most frequently interact with.
  • Account Data
    • In order for you to enroll in a course you must create a user account. When creating your user account your personal information will be collected such as first name, last name, email address, username and password.
  • Course Data
    • when you enroll in a course in addition to your personal data we also collect the course related data such as the name of the course/s that you have enrolled in, date you have enrolled, Instructors for your course, whether you have paid the tuition fees and your address information (refer to the below)
  • Payment Data
    • Your card details will be sent to the payment gateway from our website through which you will be able to make a secure payment. This data will not be stored by our website as we solely send it to the payment gateway through secure means.
  • Testimonials, Blogs and Forums
    • If you are one of our happy customers we may keep a testimonial about you with your personal experience with us. Your names (First and Last) and the place or the country that you are from will be published. If you would like to share your personal experience with us with more details to educate our prospects about our services and products you include such details in our blog. In such circumstances we have the right to edit some information before we publish them.
  • Automated Data
    • When you visit certain pages such as the courses pages we may automatically collect certain information such as :
      • System Data
        • These type of data include some of the technical data such as your device’s IP address, device type, Operating System, browser type, browser language, and other system data.
      • Usage Data
        • Usage data include the interactions with some of the pages that you have visited such as the course pages. In these pages we may collect certain information such as pages visited, features used, your search queries, click data, date and time.
      • Geographic Data (Approximate)
        • We may also collect approximate geographical information such as country, city, and geographic coordinates, calculated based on your IP address.
  • How We Get Data About You
    • We get data from you when you fill a form on the contact page or enquire about a course through phone or email. When you fill other forms other than the form in the contact page, we can get your information as well. As an example the form on your account registration page. In addition, with the use of cookies also we collect your data. Please refer to the below section on our cookie policy.
  • In order to serve you better we also use Google analytics to collect statistics which is stated below.
    • Infinity Learning use the following types of cookies:
      • Preferences: These are the type of cookies that remember data about your browser and preferred settings that affect the appearance and behaviuor of the site such as your language of preference.
      • Security: These are cookies that enables you to login in and access our services such as when purchasing an online course. They protect against fraudulent logins and helps us detect any unauthorized logins that may course a malicious act on your account.
      • Functional: These are the cookies that stores the functional level information such as the volume level of a video when you play it.
      • Session State: These are the cookies that enables to check the browsing experience, remember your login details, and enable processing of your course purchases. These are fundamentally required for the services that we offer you to function correctly. However if you choose to disable them these services will not work correctly.
  • The use of Analytics
    • As recommended by Search Engine Markets we may require specific statistics such as:
      • From which browsers our visitors have viewed the site
      • How long they were actually browsing the website.
      • The type of Operating System of the device that they visited our website.
      • From which devices (mobiles, desktop, iPads and etc.) that they have visited our website
      • Which keywords have generated more traffic to the website. 
    • This list is quite endless and is not limited to the above. We use all such data in order to better serve you next time you visit our website. We may also use them to fix any technical and User Ineterface issues that a visitor may across when viewing our website.
  • Online Advertising
    • Since we are advertising in online platforms such as Facebook advertising we may use some of your data such as the things that we know about you. These includes your data usage, System Data (detailed above) and other elements of your data such as tracking data. As with the analytics these data are collected to serve you better.


This privacy policy was last updated on 10th August 2020.