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What is infinity Learning?

Infinity Learning Exam is a professional, internet based Testing Platform, using which you can conduct tests for your aspirants (students or employees). A fast yet easy approach that lets you store your questions and tests on an online testing platform seamlessly.  Simple procedure involved in the creation and assignment of tests with the smooth development of reports.

Considering an example: If in case you want to conduct a test for a group with multiple aspirants.  Infinity Learning Exam is the right platform where you can create, distribute and generate scores, to the performed tests efficiently.

Hybrid testing algorithm complemented with optimum security offers suitable environment for taking test whenever and wherever you want to. Although it is an online assessment program, but no additional software or plug in  are required for you (user) and for your users (students).

Can I work at my own pace?

As the course is fully online you can work at your own pace.

How to activate a Free Trial account?

You can activate a Free Trial account from Menorah exam’s website.

Click on Sign up option and enter few basic details for creation of your account. Once created the account, input the required credentials and start a new experience the best Online Exam Software.

Can I remove my uploaded content from the panel?

Yes, you can easily remove the uploaded content from the panel. This includes the textual matter like subjects, topics, questions, tests, packages, etc. on Think Exam at any point of time.

How to terminate a subscribed plan?

Once you have subscribed to a particular plan, it cannot be terminated. Moreover, if in case you want to upgrade, you can easily upgrade your account in the sequential account type listed as a trial, starter, standard, professional and business.

How to check the test result and review the performance of the associated students?

Menorah Exam the online exam software will save the calculated test results that can swiftly be reviewed and exported for further forefront analysis. From the Report section, the user can easily view and export results seamlessly.

How Infinity Learning exam will ensures cheat protection?

Infinity Learning Exam constitutes of special Anti-Cheat features that can be used to avoid cheating in the test paper, for e.g.:


  • Shuffle Questions within Subject


  • Option wise Shuffling Test Options
  • Mandatory to attempt all the questions
  • Allow user to move back and forward

Time Settings:

  • Section wise time
  • Automate time for all questions in a test

What are the most commonly used test settings?

Menorah Exam is an online testing platform, offers vivid advance test settings options ;

  • Arrangement and Groupings of Questions and Answers
  • Subject Wise time settings
  • Publish Results and Reports, etc.

How can I pay?

Online Payments are completed using a highly controlled and secured platform. The featured list of pre-integrated payment option is PayPal.

Further the required payment can be processed using a credit card, debit card, net banking along with a coupon or promo code. You can simply initiate the payment gateway by adding your credentials in it.

Can I upgrade from Trial to a paid edition?

You can easily upgrade from a Free Trial account to a paid account (starter, standard, professional and business). For upgrading your account, you can follow the below mentioned steps;

Option: Dashboard >> Subscription >> Upgrade >> Select the account >> Make Payment

How can I download invoice against the purchase or upgrade of an account?

You can download PDF and export to mail a copy of the purchased order. You can follow the below mentioned steps to download a copy of the generated invoice against your payment;

Go to settings >> Payments >> Action >> Download PDF

What is Infinity learning Exam’s refund policy?

No, we do not offer any refund.

Once you made a payment against a subscribed package (with or without top ups) and later because of any reason you want to discontinue the offered services, Menorah exam will not be able to refund your amount as per our updated payment policy.

Does Infinity Learning Exam stores my card details (credit or debit)?

Infinity Learning Exam does not store or process any credit card information. All transactions are processed through highly secured payment gateway vendors. You can select a pre-integrated payment gateway from PayPal.

What are the different status possibilities in an online transaction?

The aspirant can counter vivid statuses as discussed below;


  • Not Started: The transaction has not been started yet.
  • Initiated/Initial: The transaction has been started but not completed.

Refund Status:

  • Partially Refunded: A part of paid amount of the transaction has been refunded.
  • Refunded: Entire amount of the transaction has been refunded.


  • Bounced:  Incomplete or no details provided on the payment page.
  • Failed: The transaction was not completed due to a failure.
  • Under Dispute: A dispute for the transaction has been raised.


  • Money with the Wallet: The transaction was successful and the transaction amount is with the wallet money (for e.g.- PayPal)
  • Settlement Process: Settlement of the transaction in process.
  • Completed: The transaction is settled and completed.

What are top ups?

Top ups are add on services that can be used to avail credit packs of tests, email & SMS matching your requirements valid for a duration of 1 year.

Do I need to install any additional software?

No. Menorah Exam the Online Assessment Software does not require any additional software installation.

Tests can be Created and Taken using standard devices that are listed below:

* Computer web browsers

* Smart phones

* Tablets

Does Infinity Learning Exam require plugins such as Flash, Active X or Java?

Plugins like Flash, Active X or Java are not necessary to be installed for accessing Infinity Learning Exam. However, if in case you’re created test contains video or audio files, then it is mandatory for you and your users to update their computer with a plugin.

What is an API and how can I use it to integrate my software?

The API (Application Programming Interface) is the set of instructions that will be used to interface the Menorah Exam with third party software and applications. Developers can easily retrieve the up-to-date documentation of the created instructions. For more details you can refer our API document module.

Does Infinity Learning Exam work on an iPhone and/or iPad?

Yes, Infinity Learning Exam works on all major operating systems, web browsers and devices ensure a streamlined service, that can be accessed hassle-free wherever and whenever you want to.

Infinity Learning Exam is compatible with all the major operating systems including:

  • Windows
  • Macintosh
  • Linux
  • Chrome OS / Chrome book
  • Smart devices including:
  • iPhone
  • iPod touch
  • iPad
  • Android

How do online Courses work?

Once you’ve purchased your course and access the learning portal, you’re ready to start the course. All the learning material is sent to your device, and can be found in the learning portal. Everything is done online, including exams, any assignments, and tutor support. You can access the learning portal 24 hours a day.

How long does the course take place?

You will have access to the courses for a full 12 months, unless stated otherwise, but can move through the material as fast or slow as you wish. Many factors can dictate how long a course will take, from the speed at which you take in the information, to how much course material there is.

Why certify?

Gaining a certification proves that you have reached an accepted and valued level of competence. By obtaining your certification you can provide recognised proof of your professional achievements.

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