Nannying and Childcare Training

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What Will I Learn?
  • Learn how to become a professional caregiver.
  • Learn how to nurture the growth and development of a child in a balanced manner.
  • Understand health and safety in relation to a child, and learn to work effectively with parents.
  • Gain the necessary skills and expertise to care for babies and children.
  • Learn how to keep a child happy and content.

If you want to have a career in childcare, here’s a great opportunity to gain a recognised certification. Nannying and Childcare Training has been designed to equip you with the fundamental skills and knowledge of how to take on a caregiver role. This provides an excellent training to work with children and foster their growth and development in a healthy and balanced manner. 

The course will discuss key modules that will focus on essentials for nannies, establishing a routine, health and safety and working with parents. Each topic will be heavily discussed to ensure the learner gains a complete understanding of the subject matter.

Nannying and Childcare Training will provide you with an opportunity to progress in your career in the childcare industry. The course is also suitable for students who want to acquire the relevant skills and understanding of childcare, and how to take on such an in-depth role.

  • All learners should be over the age of 16 and have a basic understanding of Maths, English and ICT.
  • There is no experience or previous qualifications required for enrollment of this course.
  • This course is perfect for anyone who is hoping to become a nanny, child-minder or nursery nurse
  • This course would also be helpful for those with some experience who hope to learn more and get qualified

In order to complete the Nannying and Childcare Training successfully, learners will also take an online multiple choice questions assessment test. This online multiple choice questions assessment test is marked automatically so that you will receive an instant grade and know whether you have passed the course.

Those who successfully complete the course will be awarded the Certificate in Nannying and Childcare Training.

Once qualified in Nannying and Childcare Training, you will gain an accredited qualification that will demonstrate your competency as a child caregiver. You can use this certification to exercise your skills and expertise in childcare and impress potential clients. With this qualification you can further enhance your education or go onto work in numerous positions that will also put you in line to demand a raise or job promotion.  You will also be entitled to various job incentives put forth by the organisation. The average UK salary per annum according to is given below.

  • Nanny – £19,221 per annum
  • Child Care/Day Care Worker – £13,545 per annum
  • Nursery Worker – £15,168 per annum
  • School Social Worker – £26,693 per annum
  • Babysitter
  • Early Years Educator
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